Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, accountability, and authenticity.
— Brené Brown

Happy Challenge Clients

Much like the wonderful #777HappyChallenge, The Happy Habit showed me that things I have long considered guilty pleasures could actually be allowed as part of my self care routine and can lead to allowing myself to be happier. Each week, Justine breaks down new things (or thing we already know but aren’t doing) to implement into our daily lives that will help us form better habits of taking care of ourselves so that we can give ourselves the freedom to be happy! Not only that, with better self care leading to more happiness, we can be the best version of ourselves in order to be able to give love to those who need us. It’s quite simple, really, if we will quote Justine...”do the damn work.” The Happy Habit gives you clear steps to take - all you have to do is take them! - Kate


Happy Workshop Clients

This was exactly what I was looking for and needed. I had read the books, but being able to interact with a facilitator as well as other people doing the same work. This brought it all home for me. It wasn’t always easy, but that’s how I knew it was working. Justine brought her own experiences and humor to the work. And now I have resources to keep doing the work. Love how she says that this is ongoing, it never ends.
— AL

What an incredible 2 days I’ve had, full of eye-opening moments of being completely open and vulnerable, good food, and making life-long friends!

— Shantelle

Justine is the perfect mix of professional and “real.” The work we did was so profound that I am already wishing I could take the intensive again. I couldn’t recommend Justine and her work more highly. Take the plunge; it’s so worth it. 

— Michaela


I am so grateful to Justine for being so incredibly flexible and understanding of my financial situation and amazed at how God provided a miracle for me to attend the intensive! I feel like the dark, distracting layers have been removed from my eyes and will only continue to be lifted!

— Jessica W.

This work has lifted a weight I’ve been carrying for 8 years! I was unaware of the shame that I couldn’t let go of, the forgiveness I couldn’t extend to myself and the the grief that needed to happen so I could finally move forward in my authentic self! I am free! And now have the tools to continue the work to let that light stay bright!
— HK

Within days of finishing the workshop, I stepped out of my comfort zone and took action on my novel in progress. I pushed through the fear of what others will think and pulled the trigger on some things that will help me bring it to fruition. And I’ve implemented some simple daily actions that are already changing how I interact with friends and family. 

— Michelle

Wow! So much new language and tools to help remove well-fitted amour and deep-seeded shame ... Justine has proven and shown that instead of survival we can choose to jump in the arena and rumble! 

— Jennifer


Justine’s guidance helps you push a little further. Doing it without the rest of the group is not the same – they nod in agreement and understanding and they make you feel less alone in the struggle. So, emphatically – yes! It was so worth it. I cannot imagine anyone who wouldn’t benefit from this work.

— Meaghan