Feeling stuck?

Feeling like you have nothing left to give?

Wanting more connection and authenticity in your relationships?

Ready to do something you love and make good money doing it?

Not sure what language and tools will help you to change your life?

Tired of the hard stuff writing your whole story?

The Rising Ever Upward work is for you!


Beyond the Reading, Start Living

Workshops and Intensives are for those who don't just want to read about the Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ work, they want to live it right now! Workshops and Intensives are lead personally by Justine, and include hours of 12 curriculum based on Dr. Brené Brown's work, many additional resources, and time for interaction with Justine herself.

The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ methods were developed by Dr. Brown to help us learn to show up, be seen, and live braver lives. The primary focus is on developing shame resilience skills, developing courage practices,  and rewriting our story in a way that transforms the way we live,  love, parent, and lead.

Learn more about Justine's Rising Ever Upward Workshops & Intensives below. 



Justine's Rising Ever Upward Intensives are designed for people who want more personalized attention in a very intimate setting. Join Justine and just three other attendees for a day and a half to learn the tools and language to change your life.

What's included in an intensive

  • Intimate class size (maximum of 4)
  • One-on-one time with Justine in the group
  • Rising Ever Upward content & growth work
  • Rising Strong™ workbook
  • Creative Materials
  • Membership to exclusive Facebook community
  • Friday dinner
  • Snacks & refreshments


Justine's workshops cover the same materials as the intensive, just in a larger group setting. Class size is limited to 20, allowing for each attendee to participate up to their comfort level.

What's included in a workshop:

  • Small class size (maximum of 20)
  • Rising Ever Upward content & growth work
  • Rising Strong™ workbook
  • Creative materials
  • Membership to exclusive Facebook community
  • Light snacks & refreshments

Online Workshops - Coming Soon!


Justine hopes to pilot an online workshop of her Rising Ever Upward curriculum. A limited number of seats will be available and require an application for attendance. To be considered please submit the form below. Thank you in advance for your willingness to participate!

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"Not only did I heal trauma from an event in my past, but I learned new skills that will help me every day going forward. I am so glad that I took this time for myself and so grateful for this work. Jump in, you will thank yourself later!" -Kim

Our brave participants are seeing life-changing results from using the Rising Ever Upward work in their daily lives. They are seeing their self-confidence grow, their relationships get stronger, their lives becoming richer and more satisfying, and past traumas, pains, and burdens releasing and not ruling their lives any longer. 

I know it is scary to take that leap into fully believing in yourself. For me, I was so desperate and unhappy that I HAD to change the stories I told myself and do this type of growth work so I could actually be living life rather than just getting by. We live in these totally untrue stories about ourselves and our lives. When we do this, it prevents us from being happy, and especially, it keeps us from thriving. 

When you do this work, it changes how you see yourself and the world around you and allows you to sustain the growth that you make. 

This works. It will change your life. Grab your brave and come join me.


Rising Ever Upward for Network Marketers


Being your authentic, best you is so important in our industry! When you work your business with wholehearted courage you grow your business. That courage allows you to be vulnerable and connection is born only of vulnerability. And the success of Network Marketing, as you know, DEPENDS on connection!

Tapping into this courage, vulnerability, and growth can be intimating to do on your own and even harder when you are working to apply it to your business. 

And once you do, how do you use that to grow your business and become a strong leader for your team?

Join Justine in her self-paced video training course here.

When you write your story,you write your paycheck..png