Feeling stuck?

Feeling like you have nothing left to give?

Wanting more connection and authenticity in your relationships?

Ready to do something you love and make good money doing it?

Not sure what language and tools will help you to change your life?

Tired of the hard stuff writing your whole story?

The Authentic Enoughness work is for you!


Beyond the Reading, Start Living

Working with Justine is for those who don't just want to read about the Daring Way™, Rising Strong™ work, and Dare to Lead™ they want to live it right now! They want to go beyond watching Justine on social media and YouTube, and actually implement the work for themselves to truly change their lives.

The Daring Way™, Rising Strong™, and Dare to Lead™ methods were developed by Dr. Brené Brown to help us learn to show up, be seen, and live braver lives. The primary focus is on developing shame resilience skills, developing courage practices,  and rewriting our story in a way that transforms the way we live,  love, parent, and lead.

Learn more about how Justine weaves this work throughout all she does below. 

Justine's Online Challenges


Time to take the challenge.jpg

7 minutes. 7 days. 7 dollars.

You know what you should do for self-care but you just haven't been able to figure out how to actually do it.

Join Justine for 7 days, just 7 minutes a day of self-care starting May 14th (and running again June 11th, July 9th, July 30th, and August 20th). Once purchased you will be added to a secret Facebook community where the challenge will take place.

What you can expect:

- Daily videos from Justine (3 to 5 minutes)

- Daily self-care assignment

- Daily inspiration

- Accountability

- Community

- The how - in just 7 days will you have implemented several ideas of where to start your self-care journey and how to actually make it a practice in your daily life.

The Happy Habit


Did you participate in Justine’s #777HappyChallenge and you are ready to continue your happy journey?

Or perhaps you are really wanting to start here with accountability and support to form happiness into a true daily habit.

The most recent research shows that it takes 66 days to form a habit.

What if self-care was a habit? Which means happy can be one too!!!

Join Justine for 66 days of self-care starting August 27th. Once purchased you will be added to a secret Facebook community where the challenge will take place.

If you are a past participant of Justine’s 7-Minute Happy Challenge make sure to use the coupon code for half off your purchase!




Authentic Enoughness - Online

AuthenticEnoughness (1).png

You’ve read the books, watched the videos, and are ready to implement real change in your life! Go beyond the reading and get support to implement daily change in your life in a big way to deepen your relationships, improve your work life, create your happy, and stand in your sacred truth!

Join Justine’s online Authentic Enoughness program: a four month program and community. Beginning January 7th through the end of April, Justine will teach the tools, language, and skills to make real and lasting change in your life. The best part is that you will be surrounded by a supportive group of amazing people who are growing in the same way!

Group members will meet via Zoom (calls will be recorded for those who cannot join live) the 1st, 2nd, and 4th week each month (most likely 8 pm CST to 9 pm CST on a week night) to work through a lesson of Dr. Brené Brown’s curriculum taught by Justine herself. The 3rd week each month the call will be used for questions and answers, community building, and fun. Topics such as clarity of values, getting curious in struggle, coping with struggling, and rumbling with vulnerability, anxiety, and much more will be included. The course will end with the rising rewriting of our stories together.

This program will set you up for success to take everything that you’ve been learning and implement and sustain the work.

In this 4 month program you get:

  • Over 16 hours of face-to-face time with Justine

  • 4 months of support and encouragement

  • A lifelong community

  • Training directly from Dr. Brown’s Curriculum

  • Program Workbook

Connect with Justine like never before and join this tight-knit community of people ready to live their most brave, authentic lives! Only 25 spots available!

Authentic Enoughness 4 Month Program:

Four payments of $299


Two payments of $589

These payment plans will be handled through a separate link via PayPal.


One payment of $1000

Saint Louis Workshop Series

Alignment (2).jpg

Join Justine Froelker, bestselling author and Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator for a series of mini-workshops of the Rising Ever Upward curriculum based on Dr. Brown’s Rising Strong™ curriculum.

When: Second Tuesday every month - 7 to 8 pm


  • $25 per class or purchase a bundle

  • 9 classes for $140

  • 6 classes for $105

  • 4 classes for $75

  • 2 classes for $40

Location: Creve Coeur Dielmann Rec Complex East Room (in the back of the hockey rink)

What to bring:

  • a journal or paper

  • pencil or pen

What to expect:

  • 60 minutes of new tools, language and skills

  • based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown

  • taught in a way you will understand and be able to implement in your life


Rising Ever Upward for Network Marketers

Being your authentic, best you is so important in our industry! When you work your business with wholehearted courage you grow your business. That courage allows you to be vulnerable and connection is born only of vulnerability. And the success of Network Marketing, as you know, DEPENDS on connection!

Tapping into this courage, vulnerability, and growth can be intimating to do on your own and even harder when you are working to apply it to your business. 

And once you do, how do you use that to grow your business and become a strong leader for your team?

Join Justine in her self-paced video training course here.

When you write your story,you write your paycheck..png

Join Justine's Team

A wholeheartedyou, means awholeheartedbusiness..png

I didn't want or need the products or the business. Yet, here I am, almost four years later, feeling and looking the best of my life with a life changing income. I am surrounded by an incredible team of people from all seasons of my life, as we work together to help others find freedom in their health and their finances. I've never felt more effective in my work or more excited for my future. I challenge you to get curious about this possibility, it just might change everything. It has for me!




Justine's Rising Ever Upward Intensives are designed for people who want more personalized attention in a very intimate setting. Join Justine and just three other attendees for a day and a half to learn the tools and language to change your life.

At this time, intensives are scheduled on an as needed basis.

What's included in an intensive

  • Intimate class size (maximum of 4)

  • One-on-one time with Justine in the group

  • Rising Ever Upward content & growth work

  • Rising Strong™ workbook

  • Creative Materials

  • Membership to exclusive Facebook community

  • Friday dinner

  • Snacks & refreshments



Justine's workshops cover the same materials as the intensive, just in a larger group setting. Class size is limited to 20, allowing for each attendee to participate up to their comfort level.

At this time, workshops are scheduled on an as needed basis.

What's included in a workshop:

  • Small class size (maximum of 20)

  • Rising Ever Upward content & growth work

  • Rising Strong™ workbook

  • Creative materials

  • Membership to exclusive Facebook community

  • Light snacks & refreshments


"Not only did I heal trauma from an event in my past, but I learned new skills that will help me every day going forward. I am so glad that I took this time for myself and so grateful for this work. Jump in, you will thank yourself later!" -Kim

Our brave participants are seeing life-changing results from using the Rising Ever Upward work in their daily lives. They are seeing their self-confidence grow, their relationships get stronger, their lives becoming richer and more satisfying, and past traumas, pains, and burdens releasing and not ruling their lives any longer. 

I know it is scary to take that leap into fully believing in yourself. For me, I was so desperate and unhappy that I HAD to change the stories I told myself and do this type of growth work so I could actually be living life rather than just getting by. We live in these totally untrue stories about ourselves and our lives. When we do this, it prevents us from being happy, and especially, it keeps us from thriving. 

When you do this work, it changes how you see yourself and the world around you and allows you to sustain the growth that you make. 

This works. It will change your life. Grab your brave and come join me.